Starting Dec. 11, Rhinoplace.forumotion.com will require new and old members like to submit at least one "Before and After" photograph of yourself to the Administrator, requiring at least a crop of your nose, both before your surgery and after. If you have not yet had a Rhinoplasty surgery, at least a crop of your current nasal feature will do fine. Please attache these photos in reply to the email sent when submitting your profile for acceptance.

This new installment is to protect the Forum against members who may work for surgeons and are out to protect their employer's name or to harass patients. If you are a member of Rhinoplace and cannot send these helpful measures by Dec. 30, the system at Rhinoplace may automatically delete your chosen profile, requiring you to both sign up again and send any photographs you feel comfortable with sharing.

- Thank you for understanding our new measures, and have a Happy Holiday Season.

- As an added bonus, in light of our new circumstances, we are opening a "Gallery" section where all members are free to upload public or private photographs, comment the uploads, add details and surgeon name initials, and share them with others.

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